Blank Thoughts

It had always happened to me. Maybe it would have even happened to you. Drawing room people!
Yeah, I am taking about myself….most often , I see a video/documentary and even maybe when someone tells me something, it’s that that time ,I fell so inspired so dedicated….. But time wipes them all.

But today I take a pledge to restrain myself to best of my extend and think everything as easy, nothing’s hard. And yes! Of course I can do it. No more supernatural dreams or a fantasy world of bringing the aim as near to future ASAP. BUT today I aim to approach step by step. Sharing thoughts make me feel relived and therefore it’s the best things I wanna do.

Keep Inspiring.

Remain Inspired.

And be sure to check my blog on feb1. There’s a very interesting cultural movement about to begin and yes, with your support.

See you!

4 thoughts on “Blank Thoughts

    1. Seriously?……!! I have a daughter-like to care for at age of16. And you tell you have more problem!!! If you had known me you would have known my ails but as of yet one must rise and treat every phase of life as a good deed for future.☺


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