India needs a cultural revolution

Happy new year, buddies!

I was very excited to write this article. Not because of that I was very happy ( I agree I have used the wrong word “excited” , but living in aa country full of so called pujaris , it will be omitted).
Where to start the pollute is every where! Wikipedia, probably everyone knows what is it. When I passed 10 I was reading a article on it, it was on India-related topic., and do you know what I came to know?
That kamasutra- the sex book i

s written in India. I tell you friends, I was incredibly shaken up. How could a country whose lots of people are so deaf believers and shy can write these kinda books. Thank God there was no dal and babas during those times to stop them else everyone knows what is happening to tinge of out culture,pk.since 10 years , ever since I turned 6 I have been made to practice irrevant traditions and myths. So after 10 years of my experience I would love to share my views as to why India is very much needy of a mass cultural revolution.(my dear country can’t see that it wants but to my best of knowledge I really do think that it desires it)

Culture is not a book of strictly written principles,its a series wise evolution

India is alien to social reforms

flop is hit

The lines which has been slashed of is due to the reason as to suggestions by users. Thank you.This post wasn’t written to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I’d it goes against your emotions just put our site to block list or, message me at Google+. Further comments, suggestions, signs of improvement are highly appreciated.

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