Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

My urdu site(site where i learn)

Well, that’s a highly controversial topic I now. For background information let me tell you that I belong to a Hindu family and the family has been a sort of a part of pure-hindu(or the way they call it, having modified it).I naturally when was a kid used to hate all muslims ( My apologies to all my friends, it wasnt my fault). There were atrocities in name of Islam(terrorism mainly).

I leaped up and put my life to WYSIWYG. To be noted here i am also not being one sided , its just that i am being neutral. And I am very excited to tell you that I got few amazing friends who were “Muslims”.Namely Mobasshir Ali,Akeel Rahman, Aman Ahmed and Faisal Rahman. I know I was betrayed from my birth. Its not that  a religion that defines a person but humanity. I profoundly tell now, I am now a convert. I have switched to atheist. I am learning Urdu to read the quaran to show the world that Islam-phobia should be restrained and the terrorist who call themselves guardian of Islam surely don’t know the real meaning of Islam. Now this post must have arises a lot of controversy, let’s feel it and make earth a better place as its not religion that defines a person but the spirit that lies within.

PS:I extend my apology if article infringes any kind of pain.

Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

  1. Indoctrination of our nation indoctrination of our nation indoctrination of our nation indoctrination of our own…

    Before anything else, I am a Muslim. And the reason I am – is the fact that “I belong to the most hated of people”. Yet, peculiar as it seems. My people are loving, giving, forgiving, kind, sympathetic and pardon-minded amongst countless other good traits. My religion was not created for any other reason but for good character. If you practice Islam, you are in the process of perfecting your character. We don’t just worship one god, we don’t just follow a man. The biggest part of our religion is to practice good kind manners.

    That said. The world has focused its attention on pardoning the Muslims for their mistakes. Which is good to a certain extent when you ask yourself, ‘what mistakes are they referring to?’. Could it be 911? Or the fact that Muslim countries don’t want to supply their oil to the investors of the USA and UK? Maybe its the fact that Palestinians are too stubborn to give off the Holy land of Israel? So we the world pardon these uncivil creatures as they know not what they do right? As they are the masters of corruption and propaganda right? As they are the ones held responsible for global warming right? As they are the reason for Hiroshima, WW1 and WW2 right? Pardon the Muslims because they know not what they do people. Pardon them but first, kill all their crops, take their lands, murder their mothers in front of their sons, imprison their toddlers and rape their daughters, and then pardon them for they know

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    1. Yeah! I know. Sorry for any wrong insite. Post wasn’t intended to harm anyone. Please do follow. Thank you for such a beautiful info


  2. Correct. We here in new York to possess he kind of attitude. I know some Islam people treated badly for the sake they belong to Islam. This needs to end soon. I feel sorry for them.


    1. Yes people need to realize that, it’s not Islam but the people, wrong people that follow the religion. No religion preaches to kill people.


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