My personal life

All you need to know, because you wanted to know

I know I was late but I wasn’t in a hurry I knew I wouldn’t be alone late. I was solomon and a kind of a lonely fellow when it comes to off school .somehow when I reached there I was alone I was the only one to enter the class late .first day of tuition and no 1 expects to be late except for me well now it’s too late to apologize and everyone we transfixed at me .

i asked and did enter. while as days passed by boys batch got forked out (to be noted here I still have no friends) during December to patch up with syllabi.

By super luck, the new batch comprised of 12 girls and 3 boys.(I should have told earlier, the institute was near my house). If u know me I am shy to boys unless they broke and explode and open to girls till they don’t speak much! Somehow again luckily I was sort of a good student like most of them, (its not their fault,maybe) and the two bff always bunked the class. So that’s it and you can well imagine how I got hold of her.

We had exchange phone numbers and used to have SMS chats and later I proposed her @14feb’12 as custom demands and unlinke all Bollywood movies I did this via sms and she confessed the same.

(Questions asked by friends, any further questions shall be answered. The answers were given with a joint agreement, hope you understand the value.)

1. Why no photograph?
Ans. Wasn’t agreed by my gf.

2.What’s the name ?
Ans. Abhilasha

3.Which school?
Ans. Not permitted. Rest assured its CBSE.

4. Address?
Ans. Again denied. Best ans-Doranda.

5.Had any fight?
Ans. Yes during the break after class 10. Had a break up for about an day! Reason for that is classified.

6. Favorite restaurant?
Ans. CCD (both’s)

7. Why do I call my friends so much(esp Ali and Eeshan)?
Ans. To show that I love you all aslo and plus when I am getting bored I remember my buds who are valuable to most after my family.

8. Got a slap ever?
Ans. Yes. But it was a normal one type.

9. Fight frequency?
Ans. Daily. Over weird topics like whose dress costs more? Who reached early? Whose schl is better?

10. Who all know?
Ans. Her family(own one, no cousins/relatives). My family(own again, no cousins/relatives/my dad)
And few friends @ Dps. No one from ex schl.

11. Future?
Ans. Plan to get married (as of now!)

12. Ever kissed?
Ans. Yes. No more questions on this topic/teasing.


13. Any names that you call or I say to her?
Ans. She to me:Monu/Muku(occasionally)
I to her:Honey/baby

14. Why isn’t my phone ever busy?
Ans. Coz I talk very less maybe, once a week.
And I generally video call her or call her
Via private contact number.


15. FUNNIEST moment?

Ans. ( Coming soon. Keep watching this space)

More questions answered if you tell and we mutually agree.

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