Thank you all- Happy World Friendship Day

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.So another crappy day? What’s special? Well of not the day but the people to whom the post dedicates to are definitely special. My aim is to thank most people(possible & friends). To me, friends are living Gods.

(Arranged ascending, to avoid moral confliction!)

Akshat Giri
For all those crazy bunks, and nuisance we used to do that was full of kiddos type activities and the fun we had during farewell! I wish time just got reverse. Thank you for being in my life.

Anshuman Raj
Ever since you were there making me laugh, or mocking around. Your your suggestion that have changed I live my life!Thank you so much.

Ayush Shekhar
Your ideas and great philosophy has changed the way I see life. I was in a kinda state of depression when I was exposed to your ideas. Thank you.

Need I say something?

Eeshan Aimy
Sweetheart it is because of you I am alive and god damn it ,not going to commit suicide in near future. Thank for inspiring me and being with me when I needed you the most.

Ishika Vikas
I don’t how it were you or I , we got to fb and life was never put to boredom after I came to know you. Thank you.

How I came to know you? Ummm…I don’t remember. For all your thoughts, thesis and yes philosophy along with the ‘ procrastinating ‘ nature like me. Thank you.

Mayank Raj
I sometimes wonder if it wasn’t for you then how would have I been sharing my physcho tech and exotic part of brain of mine. Or even all those nuts poems that blow loconess away.Thanks for enduring with even at times when I felt a physcho.

Mobasshir Ali
Day1 of school when I asked you ‘piche ayaga’ , that was the day and this day I see you as a great friend. And more to it the only person to stop me when I was doing something that would be wrong. Thank you.


I won’t say much as you you don’t need much. But if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be taking so much pain(oops!) coming to fiitjee daily.

Utkarsh Priyadarshi
If it wasn’t for you,I wouldn’t have got my coaching interesting. All your support, endurance, unconditional love- occasionally- makes me think that have never been able to repay you and maybe never will. Thank you.

Vivek Oraon
Hello! Bean. Ever since they bought you down you have set an example of courage and sheer determination someone can posses. Oops ! Sorry! Washroom Jana h kya? Seriously, I will miss this! Thank you so much.

Vivek Verma
Sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t for you, why would have even touched my phone once.Everyday comedy,status and dp remarks and all those jokes! Oh my God, I swear I will miss them terribly. Thank you so much.

What the crap was this?Well you won’t understand. It was just a method to say, “Your eyes looked like coming home, my eyes never took off you and everything had a simple meaning that everything has changed”.😭

To adapt,
Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.

Love you all.:*

18 thoughts on “Thank you all- Happy World Friendship Day

  1. Dude! ! Classical writing..
    With a touch of ur emotions… Well i must say. . Grateful to hve frnd like u..
    Bt sucide for whom??? Ur **??!


  2. Dude! ! Classical writing..
    With a touch of ur emotions… Well i must say. . Grateful to hve frnd like u..
    Bt sucide for whom??? Ur **??!

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  3. Now Ladies and Gentlemen…..

    You see that is what happens when a man of such extravagant talent like that of Mukund , the one willing to take personal blogging to new heights, gets a bit emotional…..

    P.S — “Living Gods…” – Too much flattering.

    P.P.S — You really went into depression after reading my blog…. It was never intended for effect..I seriously deserve an explanation..

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  4. Frnds are the parr of our life they help us in many things by many ways…. N really miss those days that we used to do funs together…… πŸ™‚ :*


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