What is the saddest truth about life?

1. The majority of the people in the world are stuck in the wrong job.
And only a negligible few would realize their innermost dreams.

2.It’s nigh impossible that you will ever meet the “perfect” person for you. You will probably never meet more than 0.01% of the total world’s population. Statistically, you will live out your lives with someone who is a sub-optimal pairing for you while your true soulmate is out there with his/her sub-optimal partner.

3.Karma is a concept we’ve made up to console ourselves. There is no cosmic retribution for evil people.
Most evil people – terrorists, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, mob bosses etc – live out their entire lives in luxury and good people struggle each day of their lives just to survive.

4.Everything you have learnt, done, created, or earned, will come to naught the day you die. Everyone who knew you directly will be dead in at most a 100 years. You will slowly become just a memory, and that too a fading one. You will only exist as a photograph or a blog post or a book you wrote or a song you uploaded. And one day, someone accidentally erases the hard drive that contains it. Or the server where it was stored crashes. And poof! All traces of your ever being alive vanishes.

Unless you do something really good or something really evil, no one will remember you after a few years. And that too will be irrelevant. No one would have the faintest idea about you – your desires, your lusts, your misgivings. For them you will only be a name and/or a face.

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Life is what you make it. Is it so?
Inner peace.

Author:Deepak Mehta

22 thoughts on “What is the saddest truth about life?

  1. You said it all right but I believe karma is there if we I do evil deeds then a time will come I have to taste my own medicine! and vice versa!
    Good post overall!

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  2. No I won’t follow your blog 😉

    Just kidding. Done. We will have interesting discussions soon 🙂
    Keep sharing, life is all but a perspective


  3. Nice, what about it then ?
    Lamenting ? This is the way it is !
    Not everyone can go search out their true soulmate ?
    Statistically speaking ? There is nothing like true soulmate !
    Biologically speaking – It is just someone with a very high potential of giving birth to a very healthy offspring. That’s all.

    This is one way of looking at life. Interesting perspective, but it is just a perspective after all 😉

    Good composition 🙂

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    1. I would love to answer that.Well! That may be. Your answer will be covered in one of 3 parts of Life is what you make it article(latest one). And again, please follow the blog!

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