Life is what you make it: Is it so? (Part 1-3)

Life is what you make it: Is it so? (Part 1-3)

Life’s memorandum.Now the prodigy singer,Snoop Dogg says he wants to be CEO of Twitter. This sounds absurd but maybe it isn’t.
I’ll tell you why in a few moment.
But first: common life mistakes we commit:

You have a view? Damn it!What opinion can you possibly have? Global warming? OK, good luck changing the world. Population control?War? Ok, good luck stopping the $200 billion defense lobbying industry from having war.
She/He should treat me better! I will say Again…best of luck.

People say to me, “if everyone thought like you then the world would be a mess.”
Oh really? I have one word to say back (which breaks my later statement about defending myself).Gth.

4.5 million tons of manure were being dropped on the streets of Manhattan in 1890, EVERY YEAR, by horses carrying people to work.
That was the big environmental problem of the day. “NYC will be buried in horse manure by 1950!” Oops! screamed the headlines.
It doesn’t matter what your opinion about this was. None of the people living in NY solved the problem despite the 1000s of opinions.
People with passion for mechanics in Detroit made something called a car.
Problem solved. So sh*t with opinion?

Do what YOU love to do today. Surrender to the results. The more you surrender, the more results there will be.
The way you solve the world’s problems is to solve your problems. Then trust.

You realize there are 8.7 million different species on the planet. Do you think the trillions of members of all of them were put on this Earth with a special purpose? Like they have to be an opera singer. Or solve a hard math problem?
There’s 1000 different species (species, not individual organisms, which are around 10,000,000) living on your body right now. 80 in your mouth. So you better shut up.
The last part of our body to evolve was our pre-frontal cortex, which allows us to adapt to different environments. No other species has one.
Remember leap before you look. Because if you look sweetheart, you will never take the leap.

This let us move from hot Atcama to cold Alaska and every place in between.
But it also is the part of our body that makes us think we have a special purpose.
Our own unique little, private purpose which will win us awards and acclaim and make us feel better.
We don’t.
But I understand you feel that way if you are young.
So here’s the solution and it works and can be applied at any age: get good at three or four or give things.
Then find the intersection.
Then become the best in the world at the intersection. That’s how you can pretend to do your special purpose.
When I say “get good” it doesn’t mean 10,000 hours of practice with intent.
Maybe it means 1000 hours. Or even less.
Then if you get good at 5 things you’ve now the only one in the world who has put 1000s of hours into the intersection.
Now you’re the best in the world at that.

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Special thanks to:James Altuche(adaptations)r

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