Life is what you make it. Is it so? (Part 2-3)


Let’s say, You really don’t have to talk as much as you do.
The average human says 10,000 words a day. Maybe cut that in half. Or say nothing.
I tried saying nothing for a whole day the other day. It’s hard. But it felt like magic when I finally spoke again. I valued every word that came out of my mouth.
But try to talk less when you’re young and know nothing.


Like when you’re 19 years old and you want to talk about the status of your relationship.
There is no status. You’re 19.
Guess what. Even if you’re 50 you don’t need to talk about it. Treat the other person nice. Then your status will be good.
If you hit the person you are living with then your status won’t be good.
Talking won’t do anything.
This holds for most things.
Listen to me.
Or better yet, just listen.

The average person has 14 careers. And that number is probably going up.
My careers have been: academia, computer programmer, writer, “web series creator”, CEO of a web design company, book writer,self-improvement blogger and book writer, podcaster, and a few more I’d rather not say because they are either horribly embarrassing or might get me into legal trouble.
Young people say, “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.” Or “I want to be a doctor”.
These two statements have a 99% chance of being wrong.
I got an email a few weeks ago: “I’m a nurse and I have $210,000 in student loan debt and now I don’t even want to be a nurse. What should I do?”
I don’t know. You’re probably screwed.

“I need to look good (or have a good job), to meet a boyfriend/girlfriend.”
“I need to have a million dollars before I can write a novel and relax”.
“I need to go to travel the world to get life experience.”
“I need to do what my parents say.”
“I need to go to go a gym to get healthy”.
Here’s the reality that many people don’t get.
There are many paths to that mysterious “Y”. Don’t assume you know what they are.
I told my daughter something the other day. I said, “you know that quote I always tell you?”
She said, “Ugh. ‘There’s always a good reason and a real reason’.”
“Ok, I’m going to tell you another one.
‘There’s always a back door.’ ”
“What does that even mean,” she said. We were walking around Washington Square Park. She was looking with envy at all the college students walking around. I think she wants to be one.
“It’s ok if you don’t know what it means,” I said. “I can’t explain it. Just don’t assume the front door is the only way to enter something you want.”

Right now Snoop Dogg is saying he wants to be the CEO of Twitter.
That’s never going to happen. But he can say it can. And then maybe it will. Who knows?

I’m sure he’s said 1000 ridiculous things in his life. And you know what? 1% of them have happened and have created an amazing life for him.
The rest of us don’t say any of these ridiculous things. So nothing ridiculous and amazing happens to us.


“If I don’t go to college I can’t get a job”
“If I don’t get a house, I won’t have roots. I’ll waste money on rent.”
“If I don’t have money, I won’t be able to buy anything. People won’t like me.”
Society is very powerful. We get 2500 media messages a day telling us our Dos and our Dont’s.
All 2500 of those message are wrong. How do I know? Because people wouldn’t have to pay to show you those messages if they are right.
They know the messages are wrong so they pay to put them in front of you.
If you believe the messages then you would think you can join the army, and either A) choose to go to war or B) go hiking and learn computer programming at the same time.
You can’t.

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I want to talk to you all so please get me here)

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