10 Reasons why women should be proud of

Okay. So I had a very nice day and was just wondering about my feeds when one of my g+ follower popped up. I asked her if she likes being born woman(infant girl 😘). The answer was obviously yes and the reasons she put forward made me look at the conversation stunned. So here are they(she gave 7,I added 3)


1. Fashion & Style. We can go crazy with this. We can go out all glammed up if we want with hair fully styled and make-up topped off with lip gloss or we can dress completely down with no make-up, jeans and t-shirt (my personal favorite).I have infringed on the boys’ right to wear pants but they haven’t as yet dared to wear a skirt (both connotative and denotative puns intended).

2. Best Excuse . We always have a reason to completely excuse ourselves from any place and / or situation – as in completely leave if we want.

3. Kissies and huggies . We want more and more from our kids…and we get to do it in public, with smiles and nods of approvals from passerby. Men can do it too, but you know, it’s more a girly thing.

4. I am born to multitask. As a kid I multitasked with dolls, brother’s cricket and imitating mom coo baby sister to sleep ; today I multitask with a job, friends, shopping, pardeeing and boyfriends; tomorrow I will multitask with a career, housework, husband, kids and hobbies. A thing guys rarely do.

5. Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller. While the show is very hard-core and probably has more of a male audience, any female watching is surely glued to the telly too.

6. Flowers and decorating . It’s fun and everything looks nice forever thereafter. To top it all off for me, my name is actually that of a flower, of the gladiola family…and I love that fact too.

7. Yoga. Males do yoga and love it too, but we can proudly announce it, take pictures and post ourselves doing it and talk about it all the time to anyone willing to listen.

8. Talking. We do love our talks. We would like to talk about everything if we could with you. Since men don’t always like to do this, we call our girlfriends and talk about everything with them. Some call it venting (or maybe bitching), we call it talking – you say tomato…

9. Our girlfriends. Males have their bros, we have our girls. A gaggle of women makes for a fun night of catching up, laughing, talking, eating and picture taking!

10. Human beings. We make them.

Catch me here: Mukund Madhav

BPS:The follower’s initial is J.R.(No further identify will be revealed)

PS:This article is dedicated to my awesome sisters. Thank you so much.

PPS: The next articles would be :Part 3 life is what you make it; Overcome your fear. So, stay tuned.

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