Life is what you make it. Is it so? (Part 3-3)

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After all the series of rules its conclusion time and most importantly;
Don’t let the media messages program your brain.
Don’t let the media messages predict the future. Because it’s a fake future. They don’t know what the hell is going on!


Young people (of my age 😋) think they can’t leave.
How many times did I spend an extra year in a relationship, or a city, or a coaching, or a school, because I was afraid to leave.
Afraid I had the power to truly hurt someone with my decision.
You can get up and leave right now if you are not happy or if you want to do something new

Don't Care


I dislike the way it happens but In the next 10 years, a lot of people are going to hate you.
In fact, the more people you try to help, the more people will hate you. I don’t know why this rule exists but it does.
For every ten people you help, one person will hate you. And you will want to defend, to explain, to argue, to respond back.
You can’t change their mind. They are going to hate you no matter what you do. They are going to try and get in your head so you wake up thinking about them. Cursing or planning a new way to please them. (It was happening to me a while ago in Dps)

Delete them. Delete their comments, their emails, their connections to you, any contact you have with them. You can’t change them. You can change YOU to not care. Say them Gth!
The more haters you have, it means you will have 10 times the number of people who love you but are silent.
When they offend, don’t defend.

Don’t forget one thing:
You are the coach of your future self. You are the only coach of your future self.
Everything that happens in your future is a direct result of what you do today.
I’ve made a lot of money and lost it miserably and got scared and depressed and cheated and ran and hurt and cried and was suicidal. (I did try thanks to a frnd to rescue)
None of that helped my future self.
Here’s what did, when I was at my lowest and darkest moments. When I had the pills right in front of me. When my kids were asleep( I have a kinda adopted one- I am 17) in their bedrooms and the night kept ticking away in my brain, refusing to let me sleep, refusing to stop my heart from racing in panic.

I took a walk every day.

I stopped dealing with the people who I felt bad around. This was very very painful to me. But better that then dying. Or defending.
I spent more time with the people who I felt good to be around.

I started reading every day. Only 40% of people who graduate college ever read a book again. If you are in the 60% you are 1000x ahead of everyone else.
I started writing down 10 ideas a day. Then I started sending ideas to people, without expectation back, with the hopes that the ideas would help people.
I forced myself to practice being grateful for everything I had. Two arms. A Daughter. A friend. Then two friends. Then three.
The more grateful you are, the more you attract things to be grateful for.
And by doing so, all the mistakes I made in my youth started to change. And I think all my life will change.

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Thank you

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