Is India progressing?

Slowly but steadily a strange culture of criticism has popped up. Everyone is a critic. No need to wait for Sundays or plunge to IMDb, we have a ton of movie review in our fb feeds. Time has changed. Is this what we can call progress?

Everyone has a view on PM’s US visit and everyone knows what he should be doing instead to visiting different countries or having man-ki-baat. A minister has just to open his mouth or a celebrity needs  be in right place with wrong people watching,and media just pounces it and now its a national debate. With eyes and spirit trained under supression, envy, recognition and achievement we have pulled the triggers and have become the nation of critics


. Nothing’s good news but good news is definitely no-news! Oops! TV charges for breaking news and most important debate of year is like everyday. Perceived with a abuse in cricket ground, wrong scene in a family movie. Isn’t it delightful to see Arnav Goswami shout on a politician, Farah Khan being too harsh to the hard working ‘young’ participants or MasterChef Gordan reduce would-be chef to tears?

It’s well for children’s to pull each other down under keen pressure of performance, negligence to achievers as ‘nerds’ and losers. Its even fair when professional do this in so called ‘dog eats dog’ ecosystem where pulling down one, may command success for other. But when criticism becomes national pastime. Its time, we hit the cross button. Children today,tune news not to gather information but to watch people pulling each other down. There is a veritable street fight being delivered to you by television and worse, viewers fall in love with it! The haranguing newsman, delivering cutting sarcasm and deliberate criticism, had replaced the stereotypical fisherwoman; And we all love the vicarious moral grandstanding. The more vitriolic the content, higher TRP.

We have become a ppeople waiting to line and denounce on social media. Each one of us has become a journalist waiting for the situation or the propellants of a forms with latest muck to hit the ceiling , gulping for the post to become viral; and this attitude spills over into real life. A critical person is deprived of boundaries. Forgetting to praise the good, bosses pounce on little mistakes. Spouses and friends don’t hold back judgment ( and u call yourself… What?): parents also list it thick.

Experience demonstrates that optimistic strokes work far better than ridicule, esp public ridicule. Today, we have the power to make and break people by exposure and sting operations. But we also retain they power to motivate and galvanize the good among us. In order to indulge us, we mustn’t give up other.

So whensoever we ccriticize, let us also tune us to good of person we deride.

Thank you.

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