Ails, people with glass are exposed to

Having had spectacles as my loyal co for my entire (almost) life, I would seemingly consider myself dignified enough to take a bullet at this.

3D movies:
It is the 21st century! Why can’t we have technology to enhance our 3d experience without having to wear external objects on our persons? What are these stupid Nobel prize winners doing? They should work on this one instead of cancer 😯

Bike in the rain: Like most Indian boys, I am a big fan of the rains…, till it pours on all my four-eyes.

Don’t play. Save money.

Play, break glasses, so now no more playing. I don’t want to break my glasses. No more playing or those cranky fights.


” Hey, how bad is your eyesight ?”
– “-4″
” WHAT?? I mean…Really? Seriously? ”
” Give me your spectacles. I want to try them.”
(Pulls them out of my face and wears them).
” God!!!!! Everything is so small..How do you even live? My eyes..they are watering. Take them back .” I never gave you!

Conversation :

“Um..Hello? Where are you looking at? Please look at me when I am talking to you.”
– “Yes, I am looking at you.”
“Oh..There’s light on your glasses…I can’t see your eyes.”
– I know.


Either we should constantly keep interrupting him to put on glasses and check whether he is doing alright, or we can just leave our hair to his mercy.
Visit to the optical store:
We generally have a problem selecting a frame and checking whether it looks good on our face when we wear it and face a mirror because we cannot really see without our glasses.

Smile. What? How are you looking? Reflection on spectacles? Either you get out of photograph or try lenses.

We also get attached to our spectacles. I am going to continue wearing an empty metal frame even if I get my eyes treated in the future. I have been wearing them all my life that I just cannot imagine myself without them. They make me look intelligent and I kind of like their weight on my head. They are like my very own superpower :p

13 thoughts on “Ails, people with glass are exposed to

  1. Aww That’s sweet.Your relationship with your glasses.My eyesight is 6/6.I still have a pair of glasses with neutral power.I started wearing those because of the smart look.*smirks*
    And now I just wear them so I don’t have to actually wear glasses.Oh!The irony. *sly grin*


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