Let’s plan and suicide: Methods and convection

You are devastated. You so tired. No one cares for you. You are lonely. You screwed everything. You are in a big trouble and you can’t afford to evacuate. What’s next? Murder. No? Suicide? Yes, that sounds perfect…


What can be the best method? Hanging from ceiling? Too much pain and you have to be tough enough. Cutting your wrist nerves? Excessive oozing and maybe you can be saved if someone is on time. Burning? Jumping from a ten storey building? Shot by self? Don’t ever think of it. Of course, you don’t want your body to be disfigured on the funeral. Apparently, if saved you will have to love your bed forever. Alternative? Live? No? Okay, assume the chaos.

Imagine you go to your room, sleep in your bed and examine your room for the first time so curiously. You begin sobbing and deep down you know it’s the last sob. This is the last letter you have to write. You close your eyes, pickup some courage and with a deep breath cut the wrist nerves. Evening: Your 6 year old sister comes to your room to wake you up for snacks. You won’t wake up. Your sister calls your mother. She enters the room, taken aback begins to scream indefinitely. Your father hurries to see what had happened? He is stunned and can’t even scream. He dares to read the letter. Why wasn’t he able to figure out something was wrong? Why was he trying to be a workaholic? The questions will haunt him and your mother forever. Hours later, you are buried.


Two years later, your school has a regular counseling. Your friends can’t even talk to anyone anymore. Your best friend sobs under the moonlight and doesn’t go to parties anymore. The boy with huge muscles and hunk body who used to bully you minds not to hook up at a fresher. Your girlfriend/boyfriend can’t have the courage to meet anyone. She/he is always afraid. Lonely, in solitude…What did they do? That’s what the world has become to all of them those who cared about you. Loved you. And nobody can fix this.

So before you take any major step, think twice. If you feel no one cares for you, then you got it too wrong. If you think no one care for you, you got that wrong too. Deep down everyone cares- family, friends…everyone. Just they don’t exhibit because the themselves don’t know.

Hope you will now resist yourself from suicide. You are a unique soul. If you need any help, I am available here.
This work is available for reproduction with a credit! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Let’s plan and suicide: Methods and convection

  1. Excellent post n ofcourse thats tge stupid thought of suicide…… All r loves u but they don’t show us…. 🙂


    1. You would have read in Quora. Generally I post on Quora before I do in my blog. There also I wrote it under my pen name.


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