Gender Chauvinism

The world’s a mess. What’s new? Poverty, racism,rapes, disease. What if someone told you there was a solution. Will you know it? No! It’s not science, government or internet. Its a girl.

Imagine a girl in a state of poverty. No? C’mon try! Imagine she rescues herself from female foeticide. What’s next? Malnutrition, child marriage, in coherent manipulation, AIDS shall follow. Now imagine you can provide the little girl with education. She grows up, makes a well from her house. Looking her, female foeticide becomes less and every house in the village now has a well.

Seamlesslysufficieny, agricultural development, lesser AIDS, education percentage, gdp increase should follow.

Now imagine you have all the girls educated, then? We are entering the next biggest achievement like that of the industrial revolution. And you have changed the course of history forever, all are self-sufficient.
Girls are no big deal. After all, it just the matter of survival of humanity.


So what now? Its doesn’t matter iif you are a acquaintance of Bill Gates or a $1 earning beggar in LA, do pledge:
• Pull your socks to make your daughter educated.
• Respect women, regardless of what they wear,or whom they are with.
Education is the most important parameter for global development and civilization. Believe it or not, educated girls are more likely to bring a change, set a dawn for development and cohesive growth.
Simple? Huh! Try them. They would change the world.

The girl issue is real, and it’s affecting girls and women around the world – but what is it? Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet. They are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be denied access to education, and more likely to be malnourished, simply because they are young and female.
And yet, studies show that when you invest in girls, the whole world benefits. If a girl has enough to eat, a safe environment, and an education, she’ll work to raise the standard of living for herself, her family and her community. And in time, she can even strengthen the economy of her entire country.

Some great minded people, have the assumption that such choices can lead to rape – that clothes can speak for women who say no – are ludicrous and extremely damaging for them here is the answer.

To quote Henri,”When one is not used to it, it is difficult to be recollected in the middle of a crowd of more or less wild little girls, who in class do the bare minimum that will keep them out of trouble and in play-time go right off their heads.”

Thank you for reading.
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– This couldn’t have been done without incredible contribution from team at TGE.

PS:I wanted to say so much more but alas! I have to end here. Forthwith I will be retiring to YouTube for 8months.

15 thoughts on “Gender Chauvinism

  1. Bravo! I think you deserve an applause for this piece, especially because you are a guy, yet you understood the plight of girls and their potentials as women.
    Thank you, especially for that part about my country!
    Will reblog this.

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    1. I am indebted. I can’t feedback thanks for this great kind of applause, it’s not just Nigeria or India where woman rights are being heavily suppressed but also countries like UAE( where women have now been ‘permitted’ to vote. And this is great.). I am really grateful that you considered reblogging.

      PS: bear my oversensitivity over this topic. 😛 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. According to my WordPress stats, you already follow me. :). Try opening in a high speed connection or a traditional browser, like opera mini.


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