Religious Intolerance: IslamPhobia

I do think its useless to write this, perfect waste of time. Then why am I? It’s immensely disheartening to see how people are springing up intolerance. Its sad to see, people’s reaction towards other arena of community.It saddens me that people should even need to post about pledging support for a religion. I think it does feed oxygen to intolerant people.

I think most of us quite know that earlier this week, Trump advocated a ban on all new immigration of Muslims to the US. The idea was widely condemned, including by some of his fellow Republicans.

Islamophobia is on the rise and its inevitable. No matter how nonsense I feel, that even if this should exist this simply does. America has been home to the most versatile and diverse communities across the globe. America has been dreams of people, and it is this very country dreams are given opportune chance. The country’s very diversity, unity, tolerance, peace and fraternity is what that the driven several minds to a wilful perspective. Several of people, including me keep luring in a persuasion to be in US.

It’s due to these very reasons it sets me into remorse even more. Whether it’s a country to run or friend to hangout with, a diverse scenario of people pertaining different background, culture, gender and preaching different faiths enhances the ease and renders a positive development. Different people from different cultures make a society. Distinguishing people simply on the basis of their faith is not only irrational but also very much foolish. In times when we are taking about bog changes and secondary phase of renaissance, rise of intolerance should be kept restrained. No one is born in a pre-chosen conditions, at the end of day all that should matter should be the amount of labor people engraft in their works not the sex, caste or preaching faith they were born with.

While I was previewing this on G+ I received a comment from Geoff Brushcutter, ” Would you let 100 snakes go into your your house just because someone told they won’t. Lost trust can’t be regained .”
It puts me into grief because America isn’t only his house. It’s been and will be the enterprise for aspirations and reality. No one had lost your trust. You never trusted. They never betrayed. Terrorists never promised peace and you didn’t made it eligibility for trust.

It on these grounds I would pledge my readers to either share, reblog, write or work to eradicate this foolish yet eminent feelings. It is why we must unite. Let’s not live in fear or make people pursue fear. Let’s not divulge in something that puts in a chaos and loss of peace and serenity that’s impossible to restore. Let’s bind together and fight the evil TOGETHER.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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