You are you.

You are you.

So, 18 years of amateurish desires!

I will love to take this moment to talk about all the shattering I and definitely, you must have endured in some part of your life. I assume that maybe some of you at one point or another must have gone through hard times in your life. When we’re going through something confusing, or complicated – sometimes we feel that the only thing that can understand us at that time is a song. It may be an Adele’s single or Eminem’s rap. It doesn’t matter. There are times when you felt you don’t fit in this society or you fail to see what going on with your life. And, things become worse if you just overthink at times and lose yourself. That’s more dreadful thing, much greater than a World War 3 or losing your entire next of kins. Whether it’s hard times or fallen relationships, you have to have faith in yourself and endure chaos with infinite patience and state of mind.

You are you

REMEMBER you aren’t any of these 3 things.

 Number 1, you are not someone else’s judgment of you.  You are yourself and you don’t care about others. NO matter if the other is your parents or your love of life.

Number 2, you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. You are your own definition of goals.

Number 3, you are not damaged possession just because you’ve committed mistakes in your life.

You define yourself
Let your idols be your rivals

You are your own description of beautiful, cool, and worthwhile. You are the one who didn’t get broken in hard times and you managed to stand up about a point where no one else had ever dared to. You are going to reach your goal. You are composition of incredible amount of power and endurance. You can go around places in worst outfits ever because you, yes you, felt lazy or didn’t wanted to showcase and you are going to delimit the next stage of human advancement. You’re hanging out with a cool lot of other people who have all kinds of dramatic, complicated scenarios. You’re hanging out with a bunch of people who are having fun anyway. Most importantly, Mistakes don’t make you impaired. You are you.

Life is going to be full of uncompensated decisions and feelings but if you focus on yourself and esteemed respect, that’s what will render you CLEAN.


13 thoughts on “You are you.

  1. “You are a composition of power and endurance…” And I was owned… Happy birthday Bhai … Incredible piece of writing… 😊😊☺

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