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10 Biggest myths we Indians are believing

This is a sort of disclaimer. Me poking on India’s history in no way shall define my serenity and love for my motherland. I don’t know why this happens, but whenever someone tries to eradicate the wrong in India, people plunges on him hailing him traitor. The disclaimer has served its purpose so now let’s begin!
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Life is what you make it. Is it so? (Part 2-3)


Let’s say, You really don’t have to talk as much as you do.
The average human says 10,000 words a day. Maybe cut that in half. Or say nothing.
I tried saying nothing for a whole day the other day. It’s hard. But it felt like magic when I finally spoke again. I valued every word that came out of my mouth.
But try to talk less when you’re young and know nothing.


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Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

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Well, that’s a highly controversial topic I now. For background information let me tell you that I belong to a Hindu family and the family has been a sort of a part of pure-hindu(or the way they call it, having modified it).I naturally when was a kid used to hate all muslims ( My apologies to all my friends, it wasnt my fault). There were atrocities in name of Islam(terrorism mainly).

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