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10 Biggest myths we Indians are believing

This is a sort of disclaimer. Me poking on India’s history in no way shall define my serenity and love for my motherland. I don’t know why this happens, but whenever someone tries to eradicate the wrong in India, people plunges on him hailing him traitor. The disclaimer has served its purpose so now let’s begin!
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Is India progressing?

Slowly but steadily a strange culture of criticism has popped up. Everyone is a critic. No need to wait for Sundays or plunge to IMDb, we have a ton of movie review in our fb feeds. Time has changed. Is this what we can call progress?

Everyone has a view on PM’s US visit and everyone knows what he should be doing instead to visiting different countries or having man-ki-baat. A minister has just to open his mouth or a celebrity needs  be in right place with wrong people watching,and media just pounces it and now its a national debate. With eyes and spirit trained under supression, envy, recognition and achievement we have pulled the triggers and have become the nation of critics

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Inner Peace: What is the best thing you have ever done to achieve inner peace?


I was broken. I was suspended for an entire semester in my college days because of which the relation with my parents hit a temporary low. I stopped borrowing money from them. They tried sending money but I was too egotist to accept “their” money.

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Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

Abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

abandoning the gap between Hindus And Muslims

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Well, that’s a highly controversial topic I now. For background information let me tell you that I belong to a Hindu family and the family has been a sort of a part of pure-hindu(or the way they call it, having modified it).I naturally when was a kid used to hate all muslims ( My apologies to all my friends, it wasnt my fault). There were atrocities in name of Islam(terrorism mainly).

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