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Small things for a large change

Small things for a large change

It was April, I started exploring things. I traveled to a hell lot of places and lived upon the benevolence of others.

I realized one thing a lot of people care about me and I could relentlessly sit on my sofa 24*7 wasting time on Instagram and Twitter without requiring the need to care much about personal development.

At this point of my life, many people will yell and say you got nothing to worry about. You are free.

These moments compels me to think. Am I free? I look back at my past and realize I haven’t done or achieved anything substantial. I am not productive. To most people attaining nirvana is being productive, which clearly I wasn’t.

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Let’s plan and suicide: Methods and convection

You are devastated. You so tired. No one cares for you. You are lonely. You screwed everything. You are in a big trouble and you can’t afford to evacuate. What’s next? Murder. No? Suicide? Yes, that sounds perfect…


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