Small things for a large change

Small things for a large change

It was April, I started exploring things. I traveled to a hell lot of places and lived upon the benevolence of others.

I realized one thing a lot of people care about me and I could relentlessly sit on my sofa 24*7 wasting time on Instagram and Twitter without requiring the need to care much about personal development.

At this point of my life, many people will yell and say you got nothing to worry about. You are free.

These moments compels me to think. Am I free? I look back at my past and realize I haven’t done or achieved anything substantial. I am not productive. To most people attaining nirvana is being productive, which clearly I wasn’t.

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Does failure teach anything? No.

Does failure teach anything? No.

What’s the first thing that pops up your mind when you fail to achieve or accomplish something? Does failure teach anything? The answer is simple. Failing is not good. In other words, it’s terrible.

Of all the things that can happen when you are trying to do something, failure is what you would want the least. Failure will not only destroy the task but also will devastate you. In most cases you will get irritated and would want to kill yourself.

Conclusion? Failing is not good. Stop pretending that you can learn things from being a failure.

We are in the super era of competition where everyone gets stumbled upon once in his or her lifetime. Now people will want to make failing an important part of life and voila! Everybody is failing and sharing their post-failure success story.

The simple reason you cannot learn anything from failure is that because the moment of failure is dreadful. Each lost moment tells a different aspect of yours in the present – when you are lying on the floor crying or being in the bathroom sobbing.

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You are you.

You are you.

So, 18 years of amateurish desires!

I will love to take this moment to talk about all the shattering I and definitely, you must have endured in some part of your life. I assume that maybe some of you at one point or another must have gone through hard times in your life. When we’re going through something confusing, or complicated – sometimes we feel that the only thing that can understand us at that time is a song. It may be an Adele’s single or Eminem’s rap. It doesn’t matter. There are times when you felt you don’t fit in this society or you fail to see what going on with your life. And, things become worse if you just overthink at times and lose yourself. That’s more dreadful thing, much greater than a World War 3 or losing your entire next of kins. Whether it’s hard times or fallen relationships, you have to have faith in yourself and endure chaos with infinite patience and state of mind.

You are you

REMEMBER you aren’t any of these 3 things.

 Number 1, you are not someone else’s judgment of you.  You are yourself and you don’t care about others. NO matter if the other is your parents or your love of life.

Number 2, you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. You are your own definition of goals.

Number 3, you are not damaged possession just because you’ve committed mistakes in your life.

You define yourself
Let your idols be your rivals

You are your own description of beautiful, cool, and worthwhile. You are the one who didn’t get broken in hard times and you managed to stand up about a point where no one else had ever dared to. You are going to reach your goal. You are composition of incredible amount of power and endurance. You can go around places in worst outfits ever because you, yes you, felt lazy or didn’t wanted to showcase and you are going to delimit the next stage of human advancement. You’re hanging out with a cool lot of other people who have all kinds of dramatic, complicated scenarios. You’re hanging out with a bunch of people who are having fun anyway. Most importantly, Mistakes don’t make you impaired. You are you.

Life is going to be full of uncompensated decisions and feelings but if you focus on yourself and esteemed respect, that’s what will render you CLEAN.


10 Biggest myths we Indians are believing

This is a sort of disclaimer. Me poking on India’s history in no way shall define my serenity and love for my motherland. I don’t know why this happens, but whenever someone tries to eradicate the wrong in India, people plunges on him hailing him traitor. The disclaimer has served its purpose so now let’s begin!
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Religious Intolerance: IslamPhobia

I do think its useless to write this, perfect waste of time. Then why am I? It’s immensely disheartening to see how people are springing up intolerance. Its sad to see, people’s reaction towards other arena of community.It saddens me that people should even need to post about pledging support for a religion. I think it does feed oxygen to intolerant people.

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One New Land

Finally scheduled time for the blog after a long period of time. This is what I wrote 3-4 months back.

Flashing back I see,
I took a wrong turn and fell on this abode,
It was all new land with twisted dreams and crazy hearts,
They told me to put what I knew on paper
and I will thank them lifetime.
I had found this one new land and they hailed it my school.

They added salts to the wound and got me parted,
I was never told who lied within,
I was never told how amazing it would be.
The wound was repent and scars of new ones appeared,
I was driven by this nuts road because
I had found this one new land and wanted to lost in it forever.

They came again with long swords
Told me one day, few months ahead I had to part;
Told them body doesn’t exist without a heart,
Turn the world upside down and set it on fire
They caught my wrist and I knew I when I look back they would shut my eyes and people like you all will die forever
when I say goodbye!
I had found this one new land and was lost in it forever but now its too late so lock me in and let me stay.

(Dedicated to all the freaking friends I got )

PS: This was actually supposed to be a lyrics but my vocal trainings went down the hill and here what I end. Anyway, thank you so much for reading. Meet me here: G+ Twitter